Trip of a Lifetime

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Doc Howell has Part I and Part 2 documentation of his previous two trips. I too kept a journal while trekking through Vietnam, immediately I’m thinking, I could write Part 3.

So, I contacted Ngoc Nguyen, co-owner of More Fun Travel in Hanoi, Vietnam and website administrator for Ngoc and husband Phong were our tour guides for a big portion of this trip. I asked her, “If writing a Part 3 would be Ok?”. She welcomed the idea and I was on. I’ve worked on this story off and on for a few months now. As I am recalling my accounts, it came to me that I cannot write a Part 3. This is Doc’s story and accounts of Vietnam starting in 1966, he wrote Part 1 and 2 and only Doc can write Part 3.

My story will be titled “Trip of a Lifetime”.

NOTE: Doc Howell, due to medical reasons, couldn’t make the 2010 trip, otherwise, Part 3 would have already been written.

NOTE: This writing is based on my experiences in Vietnam from April 7 to April 19th 2010. Also from Doug “Doc” Howell’s Part 1 & 2 stories and conversations with Marines of I Company, 3rd battalion 5th Marine Regiment. Over 1000 pictures and 10 hours of video were shot. Many of the events I talked about are captured on video.

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