Fun Facts about Vietnam

  • Hanoi is the capital city, while the currency is Dong
  • Vietnam has a population of over 85 million
  • We have one of the lowest unemployment rates among all developing countries.
  • Vietnam has a literacy rate of 94%.
  • Potbelly pigs are kept as pets in Vietnam.
  • The Vietnamese language has six different tones. A change in tone changes the meaning of the word.
  • Vietnamese was written in Chinese characters until the 13th century, when Vietnam developed its own set of characters, chu nom.
  • Traditional gongs are used to call the Vietnamese children to school.
  • An estimated 10 million motorcycles drive on the roads of Vietnam every day.
  • Vietnamese is the only language in East Asia that uses the Latin alphabet.
  • Vietnam is the largest exporter of cashews in the world. Also, the second largest exporter of rice.
  • Nguyen is the most common surname in Vietnam
  • The highest point is Fan Si Pan, at 3,144 meters (10,315 feet) elevation.
  • Our traditional dress is called Ao-dai