Vietnam Battlefield Tours for Veterans

While many would like to wipe out memories of the Vietnam War, places and events surrounding the war are significant to veterans. Motivated by a desire to awaken old memories or find closure, many Vietnam veterans return to Vietnam once again.

Why Vietnam veterans return to Vietnam?

us marines vietnam veteransWhy do Vietnam veterans want to return to Vietnam? Well, there are several reasons. For all vets, Vietnam was a significant season in life that created lasting change. It was also a place where many friendships were built or lost. Vietnam war soldiers who take tours to Vietnam with More Fun Travel will have the opportunity to meet old friends and honor those who fell during the war. Veterans can also take the Vietnam battlefield tours with family members in order to share the deep part of their lives that involved the war in Vietnam. Finally, Vietnam is a wonderful vacation destination! Enjoy everything it has to offer, from old memories to interesting cultural experiences.

What does a Vietnam Battlefield Tour Include? How long is a tour in Vietnam?

Our military tours Vietnam include a mix of nostalgia and tourism. Your tour will be led by an experience tour guide who is an expert in the area, especially locations and history significant to the Armed Forces. You’ll get to see battlefields, reconnect with old friends, and see what Vietnam looks like today. You’ll also get a chance to meet up with other Vietnam vets from both the United States and the North Vietnam Army. You can choose from a variety of tours ranging from 6 to 20 days but shorter or longer tour can be arranged by More Fun Travel.

Why Visit Now?Vietnam veteran and his son

This is the best time for Vietnam veterans return to Vietnam. Commemorate your 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War with a trip back to familiar and far away places. It’s better to visit now than to wait, since the changing face of Vietnam is causing many of the places you know so well, such as airfields, buildings, and bridges, to disappear.

Are you interested in taking a Vietnam battlefields tour? Please contact us today as More Fun Travel can make your remembrance trip a reality.