Steps to marinate Ho Tay lotus tea at home

Ho Tay lotus tea in Vietnam is one of the great tea drinking experience for tea lovers. Lotus tea is green with pleasant lotus flavor. It offers some sweetness at the end of the session. Here are steps to marinate lotus tea at home by using simple method of the ancient Hanoians.

How to marinate Ho Tay lotus tea at home?

Pick lotus blossoms right after they’ve started to bloom in the early morning.

Use your hands to separate the lotus petals until you see the stamens. Only peel the flowers big enough to have space for tea.

Then, fill the tea into the lotus. On average, each lotus flower needs about 15 to 20 grams of dry tea. Each of these lotus flowers can make a teapot for 4 to 6 people to drink. Do not put too much tea in the lotus so the amount of lotus scent can be absorbed into the tea just enough to use.

Gently stroke the petals back to their initial shapes.

Use fresh lotus leaves, cut them into pieces large enough to wrap the flower, then tie them up at the stem.

Continue to put the flowers into jars or jugs as they absorb the scent of the lotus overnight. The lotus tea is ready to use the next morning.

steps to marinate lotus tea

How to preserve lotus tea?

Fresh lotus tea is easy to make at home but it can be hard to preserve because it can easily be moist. The most common method of preservation is to put stemless lotus flowers into a fridge’s chiller compartment. This way, the tea can be kept for longer usage. Before putting fresh lotus into the chiller, use plastic food wrappers to protect them from being affected by the smell of other food in the fridge.

To brew your home-made lotus tea, un-freeze the lotus tea in the oven for a few seconds and follow the steps as mentioned above. The locals use nighttime dew to brew their tea but you can use mineral water. Depending on your own taste, from the third batch, you can add lotus rice into the pot. Wait for a few more seconds until it is ready to serve.

Drinking lotus tea everyday can treat acid reflux and gastric ulcers; it also might help to prevent premature ejaculation. Having a cup of lotus tea in the morning is a great way to start your day!

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