Ecotourism: Vietnam is slowly but surely moving towards

Ecotourism is being heavily lauded these days. Bicycle riding has become an emerging trend in order to align with the concept of sustainable tourism. So, while traveling, people prefer to hire a bicycle for a fulfilling journey. Especially in Vietnam, motorbikes are the go-to choice for traveling from one point to another, as they are small and timesaving in traffic jams. Plus, the hassles of parking are eliminated too. But, they are harming the environment greatly!

Vietnam is slowly but surely moving towards sustainable tourism

Vietnam has a population of 92 million people, out of which approximately 45 million people have a motorbike registered for themselves. This is an evident fact of the popularity of this vehicle. Da Nang City in central Vietnam come up with a plan using bicycles as an alternative to motorbikes to deal with excessive traffic jams. The service would be available for major roads and tourist spots in order to accommodate the travelers.  There are options to pay via cash or any online method. Travelers can hire bike on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

Making traveling easy and affordable by promoting ecotourism on all grounds

Also, these services would be handled digitally through mobile apps to make it more convenient. The authorities are predicting awful situations in the near future if the usage of cars keeps increasing at its current rate. So, the above-mentioned plans would help in controlling traffic.

ecotourism vietnam

The officials of Hoi An have launched smart initiatives for sustainable tourism

Hue and Hoi An remain the leading attraction for bicyclists. Therefore, Hoi An officials have launched a bicycle-sharing scheme in which travelers would book a bicycle through an app and ride it for free for the first 30 minutes. After the free period, an hour rental cost VND20,000 (86 cents). A full-day rental cost VND200,000. There will be 11 docking stations and 100 bicycles to start with. The initiative has been taken to protect the environment and to reduce troublesome traffic jams.

Try to swap motorbikes with bicycles for upholding sustainable tourism

Hoi An is a city with narrow lanes that are ideal for pedestrians. Motorbikes and cars are banned for the most part of the day so people could hire a bicycle for traveling and thereby promote sustainable tourism. Also, Agoda stated that Hoi An is the world’s 6th best place to explore on a bicycle.

Travelers would be able to experience a fresh perspective parallel to ecotourism

Hue, a major tourist attraction in central Vietnam, stands out from other parts of the country with its Imperial Citadel and royal tombs. It also plans to launch a bicycle tourism service within the suburban areas and in the inner-city areas to endorse sustainable tourism.

This service would work through an app. Travelers would need to unlock the bicycle by scanning the QR code and by utilizing GPS to locate them. The service would also offer alternative routes to travel to Huong River and other famous tourist spots.

The project helps reduce emissions from motor vehicles and creates a green and smart image for the city. Touring by bicycle in Hue is a new trend for ecotourism  in Vietnam.