Multiple advantages with the direct flights to Vietnam

The initiative of direct flights to Vietnam has made Vietnam an epic location to visit

Vietnam has now become the most-famous travel destination due to the diverse attractions and multiple scenic locations. The initiative of direct flights to Vietnam has also boosted tourism.

The picturesque locations of Vietnam are now extremely easy to visit. The breathtaking structures and the beautiful monuments make your journey worthwhile. Hence, a huge number of people are considering traveling to Vietnam to explore its picturesque spots.

When it comes to the traveling visions of the Australians, they keep Vietnam on the top of their list. Many residents of Melbourne have traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam, and they have loved their experiences. However, the long and hectic layovers have always been trouble for travelers.

Eliminate the hassles of boring layovers through direct flights to Vietnam

Thus, Bamboo Airways and Vietnam Airlines are now offering direct flights from Vietnam to Sydney and Melbourne. So, in this case, there will be no hassles due to a tiresome layover. Also, you will reach Vietnam quicker than before!

Bamboo Airways set to launch Hanoi-Melbourne direct flights

Other benefits of booking non-stop flights to Vietnam

  • No worries of losing your luggage.
  • You will save an abundance of your precious time.

Some new direct flights to Vietnam in 2019

Let’s have a look at some new direct flights to Vietnam in 2019 that could transform your traveling plans.


Hanoi has always been a top tourist destination for the people of Australia. Recently, Bamboo Airways signed an MoU with Melbourne International Airport to initiate direct flights from Hanoi to Melbourne. It is very important to note that the Vietnamese community in Australia is huge in numbers. So, in order to accommodate the populace, the officials have initiated the program of direct flights. The officials also added that they are looking forward to adjoining many more cities of Australia, and Melbourne is going to be the precursor to this whole program.

Australia is among Vietnam’s top 10 tourist feeder markets, having 387,000 arrivals in the year 2018. So, keeping this fact in mind, the officials are targeting to provide complete ease to the travelers by offering them direct flights.

Cam Ranh-Bangkok 

Bangkok Airways has initiated direct flights from Cam Ranh to Bangkok and will be the only airline to do so. The beauty of Cam Ranh is worth mentioning, and the people of Bangkok travel here just to catch a glimpse of it. The beach has several attractions for everyone who visits it. So, now it is going to be much easier for them to travel frequently.


The first-ever initiative of direct flights from Vietnam to India has just begun to promote tourism between Vietnam and India. The official stated that the traveling time between both countries will be slashed by a huge margin, providing extreme comfort to travelers. It has been said that a time of 15 hours is going to be reduced to merely 6 hours after this initiative.

Hai Phong-Kunming City 

Kunming City is an extremely popular city in China. So, considering travel between both countries, Ruili Airlines has launched direct flights from Hai Phong to Kunming City. The daily service is expected to help shorten travel time between the two cities to just an hour and half from the current 15 hours it takes by road.