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The best Vietnam educational tours to look forward to

Learning, exploring and educating yourself are must-do experiences. So, we have brought to you a range of Vietnam study tours in which students visit a number of places and learn about art, culture, history and popular heritages of a variety of places.

Avail unforgettable Vietnam with the educational travel packagePlymouth students visited a steel factory near Hanoi

The places that are full of rich and deep cultural heritage and economy demand you put the limelight on them! So, we have designed a thorough and eventful Study Tour for all students striving to learn and share in Vietnam’s culture, history, constructions, music, art, dancing and much more! Let’s embark on an emotion-filled, rollercoaster ride of learning and acquiring wisdom as you begin your journey with us. We are experienced in providing package tours in Vietnam. Additionally, we have designed enriched study tours for anyone who has the burning desire to grasp knowledge!

Vietnam educational adventure tours for students provide you with a fun learning experience

We not only focus on sightseeing tours; we bring you on a full-fledged study tour in which you can learn about several things. The great old monuments and the architecture of the archaic buildings showcase the elegant touch, which is something exceptional to look forward to!

Meet a variety of people as you book a Vietnam study tour with us

Additionally, with us, you will have the opportunity to meet historians, artists, singers, workers, managers, and supervisors. You will interact with all these people and find out about the past and present of many places. We will also arrange special visits to social enterprises, large-scale corporate businesses, and start-up businesses so you absorb the educational vibe.

Vietnam tours and charity works for students

Charity work and educational toursStudents traveling with us experience the unforgettable. They indulge in charity work, which we consider to be an exceptional learning and hands-on experience that shapes their lives for the future. There are a variety of jobs students can perform for charity, depending upon their interests, age, budget and duration of the tour.

For example, we assist them in building a road, constructing a house, painting a wall, or initiating a fundraising campaign. The entire initiative on a study tour helps them gain vast expertise in the ventures that are unusual for them in reality. It comes as a fresh and an unfamiliar challenge that the students love to become a part of.

The finest Vietnam study tours offer students something totally unforgettable and completely new

We have vast knowledge in arranging friendly, intuitive and full of fun study tours. Till now, we have conducted 5 tours for Plymouth University and 3 tours for the University of Wisconsin successfully.Educational tour and experience the unforgettable

The students from Plymouth University were able to experience the unforgettable. They visited cement plants and learned about the process involved in the making of it. The students also embarked on learning about the factories that manufacture metal. They learnt a handful of techniques and amplified their knowledge.

Apart from that, the group of students from the University of Wisconsin visited Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam for a wonderful learning experience about Hmong people and their culture. Do you know that Hmong Americans are the largest Asian ethnic group in the state of Wisconsin? Hmong in Vietnam and Laos first arrived in the United States to withdrawal from the Vietnam War, and now is the right time to return to their roots.

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Another important aspect of our study tours is that we offer you to travel for free. Yes! You heard it right. Become a travel leader and enjoy a totally free tour. As a tour leader, you will have to create an enthusiastic group of students who are willing to gain an enriched experience. It will be a totally newfangled experience for you as you will travel absolutely free of cost!