Lan Ha Bay is an excellent choice for your Vietnam holidays

Lan Ha Bay - an untouched beauty

If you are looking to travel to a cozy, quiet and unobtrusive location, then your best bet has to be Lan Ha Bay in Vietnam. It is located to the south of Ha Long Bay. Therefore, it is most of the time recalled as the cousin of Ha Long Bay. This place is known for its soundless environment. Thus, whoever is fond of spending time at a peaceful place can look forward to visiting Lan Ha Bay. Apart from the uninterrupted atmosphere, the bay has a number of things to offer to its visitors.

Lan Ha Bay offers you to spend some quality time with your family

Ha Long Bay is somewhat similar to Lan Ha Bay, and most of the time, Ha Long Bay steals the limelight. However, if you are an avid traveler, then you will appreciate the beauty of the bay. Plus, you will be able to differentiate between the two bays. To be honest, Lan Ha Bay carries its own legacy, which is quite evident in its cultural and natural heritage.

Sometimes, it is the best option to stay away from all the chaos and madness. Erstwhile, you might need to spend some time with yourself and your loved ones. So, in that case, there is no better option than Lan Ha.

Kayaking in Lan Ha BayPerform outdoor activities 

Additionally, you will not have any time to waste because of the multiple excursions and trips available. The number one option for you will be to take an overnight cruise trip. As Lan Ha Bay is an untouched scenery, you will be able to witness the hidden gems present at this place.

In order to perform outdoor activities through a cruise, Lan Ha Bay brings magic to the table! For all the adventurous enthusiasts, it is filled with sporty trips. Moreover, the land is considered to be a heaven for kayaking and paddling through Luon and Sang Toi caves. Plus, the sight is also amazing and cannot be neglected at any cost. The tidy, clean and sparkling water of the beaches is an open invitation for enjoyment. Trekking and cycling on Cat Ba Island is another fun task that visitors love to perform within the forests and the mountaintops.

Apart from that, all the cruises in this area were built recently, which means that all your requirements will be met, with no compromises whatsoever!

This quiet beautiful bay is located at an ideal location in Hai Phong, only 2 hours by car from Hanoi, which proves to be an unforgettable getaway for all visitors searching for some quality time. We can combine this tour with other destinations in Vietnam. Please contact us for further advice.