Propaganda in Vietnam through the artwork

Propaganda in Vietnam is all about a combination of beauty and history through the depiction of some solid artwork. Vietnamese propaganda posters are famous for their beautiful and eloquent artwork. They mesmerize tourists with one glance at these expressive pieces of art. The posters convey several stories to the tourists that are not possible to communicate through words.

The propaganda in Vietnam through great artwork helped extensively in the war

The main themes of these propaganda posters are related to war and freedom. But today, they go beyond and portray themes like peace, education, rights of women, and many other social matters. The posters began in the 1940s. However, their major contribution is found during the war period from 1955 to 1975.

The tourists enjoy the scenic and picturesque art pieces

propaganda a two child familyIf you love to enjoy deep history, please come to Vietnam. Here, your eyes can devour some epic artwork sequences and click pictures. Additionally, if you are fond of knowing about the times of war, these posters truly define the tales of sacrifice, patriotism, and courage. During war times, artwork became a weapon to defy all odds and to show a ray of hope to the people of Vietnam.

The best part about the Vietnamese propaganda posters is that they are not restrained to the galleries. When you travel to Vietnam, you can roam the streets while soaking in the peaceful representation of bold, colorful and vibrant pieces of art. You will see that propaganda today throughout the country to communicate to people. Perhaps, this is because the way it sends its message: short and straight to the point, easy to remember, and easy to understand. Here, it is very easy to find the propaganda of the two-child policy, precautions related to COVID-19. So, Vietnamese propaganda posters go much further than that by supporting agriculture, educating and conveying positive thoughts for a better tomorrow.

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