The coffee culture in Vietnam is real!

Vietnamese coffee is distinctively strong because of two reasons: different type of coffee bean and different combination of brewing and roasting.

Where does Vietnamese coffee come from?

Vietnamese coffee is famous all over the world due to its uniqueness and taste. Coffee in Vietnam was first introduced by the French in 1857. Although the Vietnam War hindered the production of coffee. But, the area where coffee was grown remained mostly unaffected. Currently, Vietnam is one of the biggest exporters of coffee in the entire world.

coffee plantation in VietnamIn Vietnam, the coffee are grown mainly in the Central Highland area includes Buon Ma Thuot, Da Lat, Don Duong, Duc Trong, Bao Loc.. thanks to its basaltic red soil at the altitude of 1500m above sea level, and temperate climate all year round.

Northern Vietnam is cooler than the south and varied rainfall are good condition to help coffee grow too. Son La and Dien Bien provides in the North West are the top two locations grow coffee. Quang Tri and Nghe An provinces also grow high quality coffee beans in Central of Vietnam.

Why does Vietnamese coffee taste different?

Everyone admits that Vietnamese coffee tastes differently. There is something unique in it. Well, the processing and brewing of beans make the Vietnamese coffee so different from their counterparts. Beans are roasted slowly at lower than standard temperatures so that the beans do not burn. Butter is added during the roasting process to makes Vietnamese coffee taste so distinctive and delicious.

You might find that the coffee from Vietnam has flavor of chocolate. In fact, Vietnamese coffee usually contains more than one kind of coffee bean, such as Arabica and Robusta beans which are typically mixed together.

What are top 5 should try coffee in Vietnam?

Vietnam grows many types of coffee for dedicates so prepare to be indulged in the wonderful world of Vietnamese coffee.

  1. Drip coffee:vietnamese coffee

Drip Coffee is the most common coffee found in Vietnam. As it is produced locally, the taste is rich and refreshing. To drink coffee, Vietnamese use sweetened condensed milk because of limitations on the availability of fresh milk back in the old days.

  1. Iced coffee:

One of the most popular drinking in Vietnam too. The ingredients are drip coffee, condensed milk and ice. Iced coffee is a perfect refreshment on hot and humid Vietnamese days.

  1. Egg coffee:

The strangest of them all has to be the Egg Coffee. The coffee provides a great taste of egg, making it absolutely unique and surprising for new drinkers. Basically, 3 main ingredients are used in preparing egg coffee namely, yolk, condensed milk, and drip coffee of course!

  1. Salty coffee:

The Salty Coffee can be your favorite foody discoveries in Vietnam. It sounds gross, but don’t be put off. This is such a tasty coffee drink. People add a little salt to the milk to offset the sweetness. Think salted caramel; the coffee doesn’t taste salty, but it’s not too sweet either.

  1. Racket coffee:

Racket coffee is found in Sai Gon only. Saigonese use a cloth – looks like a small butterfly net to brew coffee instead of a filter. The taste is very smooth and it is not as strong as the traditional flat drip decoction. Now there are only a handful of racket coffee café left in Sai Gon.

In Vietnam, you’re never more than a block away from coffee shops. From plastic stools on crumbling sidewalks to lavish spaces filled with creative decor and stunning art. No matter your budget, there’s a place to get a drink in style.