Vietnam Battlefield Tours for Veterans

Vietnam is a place that had a profound impact on many U.S. veterans. The hurt, pain, and suffering on the battleground haunts survivors to this day. Many who left the Vietnam battlefield around 50 years ago never imagined returning.

Now, that is changing.

Hwy 19 - the battle in pleikuVeterans, their family members, and friends have the opportunity to return to Vietnam with a reputable tour operator, More Fun Travel, to see this place from a new perspective. 

What was once an involuntary trip that stripped many young men of their youth and innocence is now a journey for closure, healing, and peace. Participants develop a new connection with Vietnam and strengthened bonds with other veterans and locals during their experience.

Vietnam battlefields and life-changing experience

Veterans who participated in the Vietnam Battlefield tours had a life-changing experience they never thought they would have. For some, it provided closure after all these years. Revisiting some of the old battle sites gave veterans a sense of release that they never thought they would experience by returning.

chu lai battle, vietnamMany veterans thought that locals might be hostile towards them after all that happened but found the opposite to be true. Life had moved on, and the places that were once battlefields are now peaceful villages and cities.

The people living in those battlefield sites have also moved on. Locals greet the groups of visiting veterans with open arms and hospitality. American veterans can meet Vietnamese veterans and chat about their experiences. There is no hate and animosity. Instead, the experience creates a sense of peace and brotherhood between the two groups. Both factions find solidarity in the enormous loss and personal sacrifice that took place because of the war.

Sometimes, the trip is an opportunity for veterans to reunite with long-lost Vietnamese friends they haven’t seen in over 50 years.

When the veterans return to the U.S. from Vietnam, it is entirely different this time. They return home with incredible memories and a new image of Vietnam. What was once a place of horror and trauma becomes a place of renewed hope for the future.

Visiting Vietnam with More Fun Travel

More Fun Travel organizes unique tours to focus on places that are of personal and historical significance to its participants. We customize tours that provide first-class service at a reasonable cost. The tour is not just limited to Vietnam war veterans and their loved ones. Military students, other veterans, history students, professors, and anyone interested in the Vietnam war and its history are encouraged to join.

We would like to invite you to contact More Fun Travel‘s expert for more information about booking a Vietnam battlefield tour.  Everyone has the full support of More Fun Travel throughout the entire process.