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Sustainable Tourism

More Fun Travel uses local outfitters and stay in locally owned accommodations and frequent local shops for meals, supplies and crafts. These practices facilitate a high degree of contact with locals and ensure that the economic development of our business goes directly to local businesses and communities.

Sustainable Tourism in Vietnam

Taking part a cooking class at Tra Que village

Our goal is to ensure that the business we bring to remote communities is a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and tourists themselves. Our vigilance in promoting and practicing sustainability extends to educating clients, training our guides, and the caliber of our suppliers.

As part of our ongoing process to review and modify our sustainable tourism practices we encourage our clients to make suggestions. Travelers can suggest how we can improve our practices in the evaluation we provide after each tour, or by contacting us.

Our Sustainable Vietnam Tourism practices are:

Guides: We employ guides with experience in working and/or living in the areas in which we travel. They are familiar with the area’s local culture, environmental issues, natural history and any particular challenges associated with traveling through remote areas of Vietnam. We select our guides based on their knowledge and commitment to sustainable travel and train them in low-impact travel. They have first aid and CPR certification. We use local guides on all of our trips for specific excursions.

Travel: Most of our travels in Vietnam are by 15 passenger van and 5 passenger car. These vehicles, which are the most economical way to transport our small groups, are all current year and thus meet or exceed vehicle pollution requirements. To access remote areas, we place a high emphasis on non-motorized travel in Vietnam including walking, kayaking and bicycling. When we walk and hike, we stick to the trails to avoid damage to the native flora.

Tour Composition: Our pre-trip information contains insight into social and environmental issues that impact on areas we visit. Tour itineraries include learning about each area’s unique social and environmental issues, and how to minimize the environmental impact of our visit. We encourage our clients to sample local cuisine, including wild game, purchase authentic products and to bring reusable fluid containers. From back country military tours to major cultural events like Tet, we practice a policy of reduce, reuse and recycle on all tours.

Accommodation: In order to stimulate local economies we use locally-owned accommodations with an emphasis on hotels that pursue good environmental practices such as conserving water and minimizing waste. When we camp, we practice no trace camping.

We solicit and act upon comments as how to improve our sustainable tourism practices. Responsible travel maximizes the benefits and minimizes the negative effects of tourism.

You can make a difference with More Fun Travel. Contact us and plan your Vietnam vacation today!