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vietnam travel packages for veteransVietnam Military Tours for veterans is an excellent gift idea for the veteran in your life!

Returning to Vietnam has had a profound impact on the lives of many veterans. From sharing grief with loved ones and relatives and finding closure at distant battlefields, to exploring one of the most beautiful countries of Southeast Asia, your experience in Vietnam will be life changing.

Our travel advisers in America are both Vietnam War veterans and have returned to Vietnam many times to help find remote battle sites, some in very rugged terrain. They can help provide you with all of the information you need for a great experience.

From packing lists, necessary immunizations and monetary exchange to cultural differences and special food or accommodation requirements, we smooth the road for you so that your trip is one of a lifetime without the hassle of translation or trans-cultural issues.

Our tour operators, including both American and local Vietnamese experts, combine to give you a highly personalized and rewarding experience. Visiting sites of personal and historic interest and finding war time battle sites is our specialty. We have over a decade experience of designing and implementing a wide range of adventure tours that are specific to your needs and to nearly any location. Your safety, security, health and enjoyment are our primary concerns.

vietnam war history tours

The Crash Site – 15 Days

This is the trip we designed for Mr. Maury and Tom who returned to Vietnam in April 2007. They all had a great time and created memories with us.

Tom Gooch and Maury were both military helicopter pilots. They had requested to visit a number of places, but their PRIORITY REQUEST was to visit the crash site.

Quang Tri - Vietnam war tours

Central Vietnam Revisited – 6 Days

The Central Vietnam Revisited 6 days (Danang – Hue – Quang Tri). We designed and ran this trip for the Kathy Ivy group – The American Vietnam Veterans who were on duty during the war here and coming back to Vietnam in July 2007.

the battle Nui Vu - Hill 488

North & South Vietnam – 12 Days

Mr. Lee Hudson is a retired USAF (1956 – 1976) and served in Vietnam at Pleiku 1967 – 1968. He requested a trip to Pleiku, with a visit to the minority villages and old Army base.

Vietnam Military Tours with Ted

Interior Vietnam – 13 Days

This tour has been designed for Ted O’Connell and anyone who is interested in Vietnam military tours or tours for vets. He’d like to visit interior Vietnam, including out of the way mountainous places on the Vietnam/Laos border and other remote areas of Vietnam that are both historic and unique.


Vietnam Revisited – 14 Days

Mr. John Olsen requested a tailor-made tour for his group of 10 men from India Company. The plan was to spend a few days in the Chu Lai area looking for places they spent time back in ‘66, then move farther up the coast to Danang and west to Dong Ha and finally into the jungle to climb Hill 362 and spend time on top.

Vietnam Impression

Vietnam Impression – 20 Days

G. Hollands was a staff and line officer with the 27th Engineer Battalion. His primary desire was a military tour to the road from the Perfume River to the Bo River which he constructed in 1969. The road began at a large bridge over the Perfume River west of Hue, continued west past the Tomb of Minh Mang, then west to Fire Base Bastogne, across the mountains to Fire Base Blaze, where the road crossed the Rao Nai.