North Vietnam

Mai Chau, Vietnam

Mai Chau is located in Hoa Binh province, approximately 135 km from Hanoi and 60 km from Hoa Binh. From the top of Thung Khe pass, one can admire the superb panorama of Mai Chau surrounded by a green valley and stilt houses. Many minorities including the Thai, H’mong, Dzao live in Mai Chau.

Stilt houses border both sides of the roads. The houses are quite large with palm leaf roofs and polished bamboo-slat floors. The kitchen is located in the center of the house; the cooking, as well as the making of the colorful brocade, the material used by Thai minority to make their clothes, takes place in the kitchen. The windows are large and decorated with patterns. Each house also has a pond to breed fish.

The Sunday market brings a lot of people into town. People from different minorities living in the mountains come to Mai Chau market to sell their specific products: honey, bananas, corn, and brocade made by skilled Thai women. The Sunday market is also an occasion to enjoy traditional Thai dishes and to participate in traditional dances. Tourist especially enjoy watching traditional dancing, music performances (bronze, drums, gongs), and Thai minority singing and dancing. The remote minority villages are attractive sites for tourists.


  • Hot and humid, rain due to season. The annual average temperature varies between 22,9 and 25°C.


  • The special dishes: rice cooked in bamboo, grilled meat and “ruou can”.
  • Brocade products, precious forest and native products.

How to get there:

  • Travel by car is recommended. Going along the National road 6 passing Hoa Binh City then keep going over the passes. From Hoa Binh, it’s about 60km to Mai Chau valley.
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