South Vietnam

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

In Vietnam, the mighty Mekong divides into nine tributaries, which the Vietnamese call Cuu Long or “The Nine Dragons”. To understand life in the Mekong Delta you must float down its slow, shimmering waterways. Here, all life still depends on the river.

The Mekong Delta provides an excellent opportunity to observe and experience traditional Vietnamese rural life. A boat trip through the myriad canals offers travelers a real insight to life in the countryside: peasant hard at work in their paddy fields, water buffaloes, tangled fruit orchards, simple, thatched-roof dwellings, temples, fishermen and excited children everywhere.

The Mekong River is not only the source of all nourishment, but it’s also the marketplace. You’ll get a sense of the river’s role as a highway. It remains the delta’s key link to the outside world. In Can Tho’s floating market you’ll find evidence of the Mekong Delta’s rich rice crop, as well as the area’s abundant fish, fruit and vegetables. Unlike shops, the most typical boats hang what it offers. Clients can easily decide what and where to buy. Almost goods are found at this market but farming products, fruits, rice, dried prawns etc…Which are produced or delivered from surrounding areas are mainly offered.

The floating markets in Vietnam bring with them features of traditional culture. The pace of life remains slow in the Mekong Delta, the daily routine little changed for centuries. As you drift down the small canals which criss-cross the area, modern life and its worries will seem a world away.

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